Gym for the Brain

Are you here because of 

…Fatigue…Brain Fog…Memory Issues…Long COVID?

or because you simply want

a stronger brain and body?

Have you considered oxygen?

Oxygen is fuel. Good things happen when you get more of it.

More oxygen helps to:

    REDUCE fatigue, pain, inflammation
    IMPROVE energy, focus, memory, mood, performance
    SLOW the aging process.

How does oxygen training work? It's easy!

You start by pedaling on a recumbent bike at your own pace — wearing a personal oxygen mask.

As you pedal, you automatically take in much larger amounts of oxygen than normal through the mask, which is connected to a large oxygen reservoir.

Normal oxygen is 21%. As you pedal and your heart rate increases, we shift your oxygen intake between 14% high-altitude oxygen and super-enriched 86% oxygen. This shifting floods your cells with oxygen (fuel). Combining this with our other tools helps you maximize your body’s repair and renewal process.

Athletes often train at high altitude to improve oxygen utilization. Combining high altitude training with our super-enriched oxygen is far more impactful. This is known as intermittent hypoxic training.

TRAINING TIME: Sessions typically run up to 45 minutes two to four times weekly on the bicycle and utilizing up to six different stations in our gym. Combining these tools, which work synergistically, optimizes your training. (See below for more about these other tools).

Results are usually noticeable within five to ten sessions. Your program includes guidance from us and is based on your goals. You’ll learn how optimize training with oxygen and our other tools and how to monitor your progress to ensure maximum training benefits.

Here’s one client’s experience with oxygen in our gym

See our other training tools and technologies for helping you maximize the use of oxygen.

Gym for the Brain specializes in 

delivering more oxygen to your brain and body


helping you maximize its use.

Key Advantages:

  • Uses a unique combination of synergistic tools for your brain and body 
  • Very safe – start at your own speed 
  • Inexpensive relative to other oxygen therapies
  • Goes far beyond physical exercise by driving more oxygen into your cells
  • Helps speed up your body’s detox process for metabolic waste and toxins
  • It’s non-invasive

Our specially designed oxygen technology delivers four times more oxygen than normal. Exercising with four times more oxygen stimulates the body and brain to assist red blood cells in carrying more oxygen throughout your body. With extra oxygen, your cells can more efficiently help your body repair itself and function better.

How does oxygen exercise compare to hyperbaric oxygen?

More convenient. Less expensive. Powerful. Click here to read a comparison of the two.

Co-founder Mike Cohen’s quick take on why oxygen exercise is good for your brain and body.

“This is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen to enhance detoxification, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. It makes your brain YOUNGER and stronger.”

Michael Cohen, Director
Center for Brain Training
Co-Founder Gym for the Brain

There’s a lot of research about the role of oxygen in brain and body health.

More oxygen helps the repair-and-renewal process and reduces inflammation.  Many health issues can be related to not getting enough oxygen to the tissues. Research has indicated that having more oxygen can have a variety of potential impacts.  

The Brain

  • More energy
  • Reduces brain fog  
  • Helps concussion/stroke
  • Better sleep 
  • Improves memory
  • Slows cognitive decline

The Body

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with pain
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Improves lung function (asthma, cough, etc.)
  • Improves circulation