About Gym for the Brain

Most gyms are singularly focused on helping your body become more physically fit.

Gym for the Brain is different.

We’re focused on helping you achieve a heathier brain—and a healthier body—at the cellular level.

We know how to help you make that happen.

The synergistic backgrounds of the two Gym for the Brain co-founders coalesced in 2022 into a perfect recipe for building this brain-and-body powerhouse (bios below). Mike’s career has focused on brain health and better brain function with biofeedback and other non-medication tools. David’s background is in the field of improving performance and health for corporate executives and their employees. 

Oxygen training is our core tool for better brain and body health but is just one of several you’ll find here. The gym is also equipped with several other of the best, most practical and easy-to-use technologies and tools available.

OUR MISSION: to improve brain and body health for everyone who comes through our doors.

Unlike conventional gyms that focus on the body, we use technologies with a long history of success in improving brain and body health, combined with new tools we’ve closely vetted. 

Come play/work at our gym and start getting your brain and body in the best shape possible.

About Michael Cohen
Mike is a leading expert in brain health and brain biofeedback. He serves as Director and Chief of Neurotechnology at the Center for Brain Training in Jupiter, Florida and is author of Neurofeedback 101: Rewiring the Brain for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Beyond (without medication).

For over 25 years he’s worked with clients, taught courses, and provided consulting to more than 5,000 physicians and mental health professionals around the world. He’s helped them incorporate into their practices new brain wellness technologies for a variety of conditions including chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD and neurological problems. Read more about Mike here.

About David Goodman

David is cofounder of Gym for the Brain and chairs Edenark Group

Edenark Group offers the world’s premier environmental sustainability certification program in conjunction with the International Standards Organization (ISO 14001) program from Switzerland.  The ISO program of sustainability includes a key focus on healthy people, combined with helping corporations improve environmental sustainability standards.  David’s team built Edenark’s Best You Can Be Program to address the people side of sustainability, by being proactive in the workplace to get in front of things like workplace violence, depression, insomnia, stress, anxiety, focus, mental acuity, and physical pain. He holds an MBA in finance, marketing, and international business from Indiana University.  

Read more about David here.