Gym For The Brain has become a SPECT Imaging Partner of Amen Clinics

Gym For The Brain, along with the A Better World Starts With Me store, combines…

– Oscillating Vibration

– Brain Adaptive Contrast High Altitude Oxygen Training

– Protein Folding

– Audio-Visual Entrainment

– Cranio-Electro Stimulation

– Bioregulation Training

– Photobiomodulation Technology

– and Best You Can Be™ Supplements….

…to help you

  • reduce brain fog
  • be happier
  • be more productive
  • improve energy
  • improve vitality
  • improve the ability to stay on task
  • improve attention and focus
  • improve concentration
  • improve mental agility
  • improve circulation
  • improve digestion
  • improvememory
  • improve sleep
  • burn calories
  • reduce inflammation
  • removetoxins
  • reduce anxiety andstress
  • reduce pain
  • reduce anger and frustration
  • reduce fatigue
  • reduce moodiness andirritability
  • slow the aging process

Gym For The Brain has become a SPECT Imaging Partner of Amen Clinics, which is one of the world leaders in applying brain imaging science to help people who struggle with…

  • Emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder
  • Behavioral challenges like addictions, weight control, or anger-management issues
  • Cognitive problems such as memory issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, and dementia
  • Learning challenges like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), also called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The benefit of these two organizations creating a partnership for your health and wellness is significant.

Covid’s Harmful Effects on the Brain

This article talks about how Covid-19 survivors remain at higher risk of psychotic disorders, dementia and similar conditions for at least two years.

While anxiety and depression occur more frequently, other cognitive deficits, commonly called ‘brain fog’, along with epilepsy, seizures and other longer-term mental and brain disorders, remain elevated 24 months later.


What Can Companies Do About EMF Exposure?

We are all exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) every day. Low levels of EMF are not considered dangerous for most people and the World Health Organization has established 5000 v/m as a guideline maximum exposure level.

However, most office work environments, with wireless equipment, computers, printers, routers, and cell phones, all producing EMF, can easily operate day in and day out at +100,000 v/m.