Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just exercise or eat a high quality diet?  Is this training really that different?
It is that different. Exercise and a healthy diet are both good ways to increase oxygen. But the special system of oxygen training we use has a much bigger impact on health – both physical and mental.

You benefit by increasing the amount of oxygen carried by your red blood cells to the tissues of the body and the brain. This has a huge impact on improving metabolic function, from gut to brain to overall circulation.

To learn more about the fundamental concepts of this unique oxygen training and how getting more oxygen to the body and brain is important, we recommend you watch this eight-minute video by Robert Rowen, MD.

How long does it take to notice effects?
Five to eight sessions are typical for full benefits to appear, but people frequently tell us they notice improvement after one session. By the way, we review your progress prior to every session and continuously revise your training protocol accordingly. 

What is intermittent hypoxic training?
Our exercise program—sometimes referred to as intermittent hypoxic training—uses a proprietary system that alternates between high intensity oxygen (86%) and low intensity/high altitude oxygen (14%). Exercising causes your body to accept, disburse and absorb the oxygen more readily. (The air we breathe at sea level is comprised of 21% oxygen.) This is similar to the way we might strengthen a bicep with curling weights by stressing, relaxing, stressing, etc. There’s an excellent article that discusses this concept and its health impact by Michael Kummer that you may want to read. In addition, there’s a great deal of research on the benefits of high altitude (intermittent hypoxic) training.