Gym for the Brain


Oxygen training is at the core of what you’ll find at the Gym for the Brain, but it’s just one of several training options we offer.

Other options include several technologies and products that have been carefully chosen to provide synergistic benefits when strategically paired with oxygen exercise. They’re available to you during your sessions at the gym for an extra charge

We help you incorporate these tools into your routine to fit your needs and goals. 

Give us a call for more information or to book an appointment and discover how you can optimize your brain and body and get more life out of your years.

P. S. We know of no other center doing what we do the way we do it

Vielight (photo biomodulation) for the brain

Increases blood flow * Reduces inflammation * Improves Energy * More mental clarity

The Vielight—which we often call a “light helmet”—emits a particular light frequency that research has shown to biologically impact the way your brain works. It boosts brain activity and cognitive function over time. 
Benefits include:
  • Increased blood flow to the brain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • More energy
  • Less brain fog/more clarity
  • Reduction in post-concussion symptoms
Special note: We have reports from clients who say it helped stabilize or reverse cognitive decline.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology (PEMF)

Stimulates circulation * Reduces inflammation * Enhances healing * Improves sleep quality * Promotes calm

The PEMF device we use is about the size of a small smartphone. Its low-level magnetic field stimulates cells in the body using very low power. Most people don’t feel magnetic fields when they’re activated, but be assured, they’re working and prompting the nervous system to stimulate the body to repair itself and function more efficiently.

This device is typically placed over the stomach or heart and typically used for 15 to 20 minutes.

NanoVI (breathing machine)

Repairs cellular damage * Strengthens the immune response * Defends against antioxidants

You sit in front of the NanoVI machine and breathe in specially charged water vapor. This charged vapor helps the body’s proteins work better and stimulates cellular repair.

Proteins are crucial for the proper functioning of all parts in the brain and body. They run all systems and facilitate cell repair. It’s helpful for people with chronic illness, concussion, or toxic exposures.

Many high-performance athletes and executives use this tool for better overall performance, but it’s equally helpful for people with chronic illness, post-concussion syndrome, or life’s cumulative toxic exposures.

It’s a powerful anti-aging tool.

Note: This is not ozone or oxygen therapy.

7-Day Brain and Body Detoxification

(Helps with sleep and brain repair)

Exposure to toxins in your daily life is unavoidable. They’re found in soaps, food and everywhere in the environment. 

Your body is designed to detoxify, and does so daily, around-the-clock (and particularly at night while we sleep). However, our bodies haven’t evolved enough to compensate for the load of toxins created by modern life and lifestyles. 

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory list currently contains 595 chemicals that are known to cause significant adverse health effects in humans. Toxins can damage your DNA and cellular function.

Our 7-Day HM Detox supplements work in tandem with other parts of our program to improve the body’s ability to more effectively detox. This combination is a powerful way to improve overall health.