Video Interviews with Clinicians and Clients Who’ve Used Multi-Step Oxygen Therapy

Steve’s story. Retired from the military, suffering with chronic pain and poor sleep (3 minutes)  

This powerful interview details Steve’s history of struggles and how he turned life around after experiencing:
  • 2 disk treatments for his spine
  • Fractured neck
  • 2 torn rotator cuffs
  • Several broken bones and toes
  • Compound fracture
  • Degenerative elbows with severe inflammation/pain
He was taking 14 to 20 pills of Tramadol (heavy-duty pain medication) a day and was told he would be in pain the rest of his life.  After doing oxygen training with LiveO2 for six months, he reported no pain and no pain medication.  “I’ve completely changed my physiology and my sleep,” he said.

Luke Storey’s podcast interview with Mark Squibb, founder, LiveO2. (01:29:52)

Includes:  LiveO2’s Oxygen Training origin, its benefits, and how the technology is helping older people get their groove back. Luke is host of the top-rated Life Stylist Podcast, with 20 years of field research and experience.
  • 04:35 — why an oxygenated brain leads to a higher IQ; anti-aging capabilities; breathwork versus oxygen training
  • 38:39 — Performance enhancement & oxygen, cellular healing experiences with LiveO2
  • 44:11 — Brain function, memory, concussion
  • 01:02:20 — Brain function & spirituality; why a happy body gives you a happy spirit; taking fear out of the physical body; the secret to raising healthy children

Corbin, 25-year-old athlete. 4 major concussions (7 minutes)

Corbin experienced six sports and car accident concussions, including loss of consciousness.

They resulted in depression, bad memory, lower grades (estimated 50% reduction in learning ability). They seriously interfered with his creativity and ability to communicate.

He reports improvements in brain function immediately following a session and a significant increase in neurological scores on a computerized test (CNS Vital Signs).

Comment posted to YouTube video by his mother, Cathie Waugh: “This is remarkable in so many ways! I am so glad this procedure has helped Corbin – we never thought anything was “out there” to help him heal from all the concussions. For any of you parents out there – whose boy or girl has suffered the consequences of traumatic head injuries – you need to check this out. As parents – I know we will all do whatever it takes to help improve the health of our children, no matter the age. . .”

Interview with Ben recovering from a traumatic brain injury (29 min)

USAF veteran. Experienced a severe TBI in Afghanistan.
Ben experienced a very severe head injury while serving in Afghanistan. When he awoke from his coma, doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center told him he might never talk or walk again and that only two out of 100 people with his type of injury survive.
He was paralyzed on his left side, subject to uncontrollable laughing and crying, with severe headaches. He was constantly exhausted.
As soon as Ben was able to exercise at home with a recumbent cycle, he began using LiveO2 with adaptive contrast to amplify the oxygenation effects of his exercise. Adaptive contrast enabled him to oxygenate his body in spite of limited exercise capacity. He remains hemiplegic (paralyzed on the lower half of one side). He reports that his body is continuing to regain function and structure that were compromised during his military health loss incident.
The interview starts a little slowly, so here are timestamps if you want to jump ahead:
  • 12:20: initial experience with increased energy
  • 17:00: mental clarity, controlling focus and anger
  • 18:30: discussion of his brain injury and oxygen training
  • 20:30: reports on recovering body sensations
  • 24:20: physical therapists seeing increased improvements are surprised by his recovery of

Common test results and change in the brain (3.75 min)

Discussion overview about the impact of oxygen training on the brain by Mark Squibb, founder of LiveO2, including changes in cognitive performance based on a standardized objective test called CNS Vital Signs.

Angelique Hart, MD’s clinical experience with LiveO2

Dr. Hart of Albuquerque, NM discussing her use of LiveO2 in her clinic. This video starts with her clinical use summary of its impact on patients. It concludes with a personal note, illustrating the effects on her singing vocal tone and range on scales and “Maria.”

Angelique Hart, MD, Clinical presentation at Integrative Medicine conference (ACIM).  (47 min)

This is a review of Dr. Hart’s clinical protocols using LiveO2 Oxygen training, and its clinical impact.

  • 11:40 – how quickly patients start gaining benefit
  • 14:10 – role in detoxification, helping to clear toxins
  • 16:50 – Role in reducing chronic inflammation
  • 19:00 – Help with pulmonary function, asthma
  • 20:50 – impact on the brain, including strokes, TBI, concussions, memory, cognitive function, functional improvements
  • 23:00 – Review of clinical cases

The story of Jill, a 55-year-old woman who had 3 concussions over 1.5 years, documents her improvements with oxygen training.

Video 1: Before and after the first training  (2.3 min)

She reports concussions have had a significant impact on her health and her mind.  She reviews changes she experienced after just one, one-hour training session using a protocol based on an advanced version of Manfred von Ardennes’ Oxygen Multistep Therapy.

Video 2: Second week training interview (3 min)

In this video Jill reports improved neurological test scores and better functioning.  Her total protocol time is less than 1 hour in 2 sessions @ 30 minutes each consecutive week.  Neurological test panel showed gains measured after previous week’s session remained. 

Video 3: Third short video interview for Jill 55-year-old woman (3 min)

In this video, Jill talks about her ability to sprint without headaches for the first time in years.  She reports going BACK TO WORK and performing detailed technical work that had been impossible until she started doing oxygen training. She says she’s thrilled to be able to make a living again.

Robert Rowan, MD, on why oxygen is critical for healing  (7 minutes)

Dr. Rowan explains oxygen physiology and oxidation, including the role of oxygen in energy and its role in repairing the body. He also discusses how exercising with oxygen uses the heart to help cells receive more oxygen and reduces hypoxia in tissues (commonly associated with many health issues.)  
Here are pertinent timestamps:  
  • 0:35: Discusses how this system allows an increase in partial pressure of oxygen in the arterial system to be able to oxygenate harder-to-reach tissues.  
  • 2:50: Discusses the advantages of exercising with oxygen over hyperbaric oxygen. 
  • 4:00: Explains the role of exercise combined with oxygen
Dr. Rowan is based in California and has been practicing for more than 30 years.  He has developed an international reputation for pioneering work in oxidation and other innovative medical treatments.    

Dr. Lisa Koche explains the advantages of Live O2 over hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wellness. ​  (4 minutes)

She also talks about how Live O2’s simulated altitude training results in more stamina, better sleep and mood, a clearer brain and improved cardiac function by driving oxygen deeper into the cells. Pertinent timestamps:

00:27 The benefits and drawbacks of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
01:24 Why Dr. Koche became interested in Live O2
01:10 What Live O2 exercise involves and how you use it to simulate high altitude training
02:23 The benefits of Live O2 training
03:38 Who is a candidate for Live O2 training