Gym for the Brain

We are all exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) every day. Low levels of EMF are not considered dangerous for most people and the World Health Organization has established 5000 v/m as a guideline maximum exposure level.

However, most office work environments, with wireless equipment, computers, printers, routers, and cell phones, all producing EMF, can easily operate day in and day out at +100,000 v/m.

Further, there are all the machines in the neighboring offices; and their EMF travels through your walls.

That much radiation, day in and day out, is not good for your health.

What can be done?

Recently, Gym For The Brain moved into a new leased space. As part of its Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program, we reviewed the EMF levels in the space it would be occupying; and seeing they were many times higher than the maximum exposure guideline, painted the entire space with EMF absorbing paint (pic 1 and pic 2). Then, painted a top-coat of regular paint.

By doing so, the EMF exposure for employees, clients and visitors is now less than 1% of what was previously radiating in that office space, and less than 10% of the WHO guideline exposure level.

All it took was a few gallons of EMF-absorbing paint to dramatically improve the wellness of that workplace environment for all.